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Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection that leads to an inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding your teeth and also destroys the supporting bone that holds your teeth firmly in place.  It also has been linked to other diseases including problems with the heart, lungs, and the immune system.  At Southern Dental in Houston, we are dedicated to detection and treatment of this serious problem.

Gum disease is a chronic inflammation of the gums that often progresses silently and unnoticed.  Studies show that more than half of people over 18 have gum disease in at least the early stages, and more worryingly, after the age of 35, three out of four people are affected to some degree.  

Southern Dental offers non-surgical gum treatment, such as scaling and root planing, which is sufficient for most patients.  This treatment includes the careful cleaning of root surfaces to remove plaque and tartar from deep periodontal pockets and to smooth the tooth root to remove bacterial toxins.  Often this treatment, when combined with good oral hygiene, allows gum tissue to heal and re-attach to the teeth.

Regular visits to Southern Dental will make it possible to detect and treat periodontal disease and other forms of gum disease before it becomes a serious threat to your health.  

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A Bright and Healthy Smile

Southern Dental’s philosophy of care has always been to provide the best available dental treatment for our patients at an affordable cost. Just as we constantly strive to produce better and better treatment results for our patients, so we are always looking for ways to make their dental care more efficient and economical.